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Bakery and cafe operation
to Baker Force
​easy fast accurate

Why is it so difficult to run a bakery or a cafe?

​In fact, running a store is the same as running a business.

​The perfect solution for bakery and cafe operations Start easy operation with BakerForce.

Complex Enterprise Solutions NO!

for Bakery Shops very simple Baker Force

Bakerforce ERP

How much did you earn this month?

A bakery that creates a variety of products using a variety of raw materials.

It is difficult to easily identify losses and profits if you miss the cost that fluctuates from time to time.
Easily manage your monthly profit and loss with BakerForce's ERP!

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Bakerforce SCM

Just as much as you need! one-shot purchase

Last time I ordered less and ran out of ingredients,
I ordered a lot this time and it's past the expiration date...

However, it is too time-consuming to check the inventory one by one every time.

Take one-shot management with Baker Force's real-time inventory management solution.

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without discard
accurate production guide

Have you ever had the experience of throwing away your precious food that you made in pain?

What is the most efficient output?

Efficient production planning without waste, BakerForce offers.

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Bakerforce MES

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Bakerforce Market

Bakery Commerce exclusively for business owners - Baker's Market

Opening a new market for bosses through group purchases and independent sales
​We are preparing a market that sells cheaper raw and subsidiary materials.

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busy bosses
operational concerns
solve at once

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From customer service to store management and staff management, the boss has no time to stay still!

So that you can focus on the important and essential parts, 
Baker Force will solve the cumbersome and tricky store operation management.


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